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Our Customers Say …

“Kim Chandler’s Funky ‘n Fun CDs are an integral part of my lessons. As I don’t play the piano, they are invaluable to me as a vocal coach. My artists enjoy having a beat and easy, calm music to sing along to. Not only are the CDs a great vocal work out in themselves, they are a brilliant tool, easily adaptable for a coach’s own teaching aims. I would be lost without them. ”
Lorna Blackwood (Vocal Producer / Vocal Coach – Dua Lipa, George Ezra, Ellie Goulding, Lewis Capaldi etc, London, UK)

“Kim Chandler is well respected as the finest studio vocalist I’ve worked with in 40 years of making hits. Her musical knowledge, her phrasing, her flawless intonation and her groove are all without parallel. All this ability and experience have gone into FUNKY & FUN, a system that goes beyond both being funky as hell and more fun than a barrel of funkeys! It is a brilliantly conceived pedagogy that gets positive results within the first 5 minutes. I recommend it to all my students and all the artists I produce. If you’re looking for the best vocal warm-up that will also increase your harmonic knowledge and technical abilities, this is the motherlode!…”
Dr. Richard Niles (Composer, Producer, Songwriter, Arranger, Conductor & Musical Director, Los Angeles, USA)

“No hocus pocus, simply the tools that a contemporary singer needs. It is the answer for someone who found singing lessons hopeless! Me!”
Elizabeth McGovern (Oscar-nominated Actress / Singer-Songwriter, London, UK)

” I’ve been using the whole series of “Funky ‘n Fun” since the very first one came out. They’re essential in the coaching of all of my clients in the music industry because they do what no other practice CD’s do – they are hugely effective without being confusing. People want to improve without jargon they don’t understand. Kim allows you to progress at a speedy rate, whilst having fun. It doesn’t even feel like work!…”
Annabel Williams (Vocal Coach: “X Factor”, “Britain’s Got Talent”, London, UK)

“I’m so glad I’ve found Kim Chandler’s “Funky ‘n Fun” vocal warmups and exercises. A lot of thought and care has gone into her innovative approach, and the backing tracks are killer. It means that for rock and pop shows and musicals, the cast can not only work on their breath control, articulation and range, but moreover on their style and musicality. An indispensable tool for me!…”
Elliott Ware (West End Musical Director: “Sunny Afternoon”, “Rock of Ages”, “We Will Rock You”, “Rocky Horror”, “Quadrophenia”, “Footloose”, London, UK)

“These exercises are clever and great for all types of singers. They make warm ups interesting, keep singers on their toes, and cover everything from rhythm to intervals, and modal and chromatic harmony . I would use these for students and performers studying any style of singing–particularly classical singers who tend to get in a rut with warm ups. The added bonuses are superb approaches to ear training and improvisation. …”
Dr. Meribeth Dayme (International vocal pedagogue. Author of “Dynamics of the Singing Voice“. Founder/Director of CoreSinging™, Santa Fe, USA)

“You’re so good at creating a uniquely practical study tool which also gets people’s days off to a fun start!…”
Lisa Popeil (Celebrity Vocal Coach, Los Angeles, USA)

“It is refreshing to find a warm-up CD with such a versatile range of exercises that actually work. I use this CD in conjunction with my own and have had nothing but positive reactions from all my students who have used them. No gimmicks and no magic wands, just good quality exercises that work for singers of all genres. Keep up the good work.”
David Laudat (Celebrity Vocal Coach, London, UK)

“Finally a workout series that isn’t based solely on the major scale!  I recommend these to my students all the time, especially number 3 which is as challenging for the brain and ear as it is for the voice … ”
Dane Chalfin (Vocal Rehabilitation Coach/West End coach/Past President of the British Voice Association, Manchester, UK)

“My singing teacher recommended it and I am so pleased I bought it. It’s easy to follow plus it is truly funky and fun. I practice every morning on my way to work and by the time I arrive at work my endocannabinoids level is up through the roof – a happy Surgeon. And same coming back home. Therapeutic I must say …”
Yakubu Karagama (ENT surgeon, London, UK)

“I’ve done “Funky ‘n Fun” every other day and my voice has opened up SO much! I think it’s amazing…”
Ming Bridges (Award-winning Singer/Songwriter, Actress, Model, Singapore)

“Just wanted to let you know I LOVE your “Funky n’ Fun” vocal exercises. I’ve purchased your first two series for my beginner/intermediate singers and they agree with me: they’re fabulous! Thank you so much for making these. They make lessons so much fun for all. They were desperately needed in the world of vocal pedagogy…”
Molly Rosen (Singer/Voice Teacher, Hayward, California, USA)

“Just wanted to thank you for some wonderful exercises – I have been looking for unusual scales and modes for a long time, and yours are simply fun, and very helpful, as well as musical. Also, your voice is just beautiful, and your technique impeccable! What a great combo! How will I ever get to doing anything else?…”
Lian Amber (Vocalist/Producer/Performance Coach, Austin TX, USA)

“I teach mainly tweens and teens wanting to be involved Pop/Rock or Broadway. The best program is Kim Chandler’s “Funky ‘n Fun” and I recommend it to all of them. One of my students just received a $10,000.00 scholarship to Berklee in Boston and I credit Kim’s program for stressing the importance of vocalists learning their scales to be musicians… Thank you, Kim! …”
Deborah “Zuke” Smith (Vocal Coach/Artist Mentor, New York, USA)

“I ordered all four of your Funky ‘n Fun CDs and my students and I are in heaven!!…My husband (who is also my musical director) told me I sounded better than ever the other night at a gig. You are brilliant, and I wanted to take the time to tell you so. Thank you, thank you, thank you!”
Jill Switzer (Professional vocalist/voice coach, Palm Beach, Florida, USA)

“I have bought all 4 of your Funky ‘n Fun collection and I must say that they are all awesome! When I was using your CDs every night for about two months consistently, my voice was incredible!! ”
Shena Winchester (Top UK Dance Artist)

“I ordered your exercise CD’s some months ago and find them superb. The best I have ever used. I have spent literally hundreds of pounds on CD’s and books over the years but there is nothing close to the excellence of yours. The variety of exercises and the great accompaniment make the CD’s a pleasure to use over and over again. The standard is pitched so well too as the intervals are a stretch for even my most able students…”
Leila Begg (Principal – Progressive School of Music, Jersey, UK)

“It’s Kim Chandler’s vocal coaching and my work with her “Funky ‘n Fun” CD series has transformed my voice, and allowed me to share my music with more people as a result. I am deeply grateful for this… ”
Dr. Jain Wells (Singer/Songwriter & Transpersonal Psychologist, London, UK)

“It’s GREAT, I love it. You are a great singer. Really nice concept … ”
Michele Weir (International jazz educator, Los Angeles, USA)

“As a working vocalist both live and in studio I was very excited to be introduced to Kim Chandler’s “Funky ‘n Fun” vocal exercise CDs. It was the first time that any voice exercises actually appealed to me and especially as they are so in line with the style of singing I do – modern pop and jazz. These exercises impressed me so much that I have had no problem recommending them on to up and coming singers who in turn have expressed that Kim’s exercises make perfect sense and ‘feel so good and right’.”
Helena Paul (Singer/Songwriter, Marbella, Spain)

“Thanks for creating such great vocal exercise CD’s…they are much more enjoyable than the usual keyboard plodding of many other exercise CD’s I’ve tried.”
Corinne Smith (Vocal & performance engineer, Sydney, Australia)

“The cd’s are great … I have been using them all the time and the kids love them … and so do I. They are so cool and funky and you’ve covered a lot of ground … well done you!”
Wendy Murray (Performer/Vocal Coach, Brisbane, Australia)

“I am a classical singer and teacher based in Chicago. I am writing to tell you how much I admire the Funky and Fun series. I have been using the exercises in my non-major voice classes at Roosevelt University for the past 4 years. I also use these exercises for my voice majors when they want to start studying how to “cross over.” I, myself, use them to get out of a rut when I encounter difficulty. I have been singing for 51 years and these are structurally and fundamentally sound. Thank you so much! My husband and I perform often in the UK. I hope that one day I can thank you in person.”
Mark Crayton (Professor of Voice/Countertenor/Conductor/Stage Director, Chicago, USA)