Funky 'n Fun 2
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Funky ‘n Fun 2
Vocal Exercises (Intermediate to Advanced)

Funky ‘n Fun 2” came along in 2005 as the logical extension of the first CD compilation (Funky ‘n Fun 1). It is designed for intermediate level through to more advanced pop singers who already have some understanding of vocal technique as a result of working with “Funky ‘n Fun 1“. It covers similar categories of technical exercises as Funky ‘n Fun 1 but to a more challenging level.

Over and above the first compilation, “Funky ‘n Fun 2” is also a ‘taster’ for some basic music theory concepts in common usage in popular music: rhythmic subdivisions, intervals, the chromatic scale, minor pentatonic scale, the Dorian mode, Minor 9th arpeggios etc. This blending of relevant music theory with contemporary singing technique becomes increasingly more important throughout the series.

Sample Audio Clips

Track 7: Articulation exercise

Track 12: ‘Licks’ Exercise 1

Track 13: ‘Licks’ Exercise 2

Track Listing

1. Introduction
2. Breathing exercise 1
3. Chromatic scale warm-up
4. Warm-up “sirens”
5. Vowel exercise
6. Resonance exercise
7. Articulation exercise
8. Interval exercise 1
9. Interval exercise 2
10. Flexibility/range exercise 1 (major)
11. Flexibility/range exercise 2 (minor)
12. “Licks” exercise 1
13. “Licks” exercise 2
14. Creativity exercise – Funky Jam