Funky 'n Fun 3
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Funky ‘n Fun 3
Challenging Patterns (Intermediate to Advanced)

This epic 50-track compilation is a unique ‘musicianship for vocalists’ program, designed for the more advanced singer who wishes to become musically educated about the ‘vocabulary’ and ‘grammar’ of the music they sing. It is a comprehensive and systematic way of learning to sing the various intervals, arpeggiated chords, scales and modes used in popular music (including jazz).

It’s one thing to know these patterns ‘in theory’, i.e. to aurally recognise them or even be able to write them down on manuscript paper in a theory test, but it’s a totally different thing to be able to sing them! The content of this compilation is a deliberate departure away from standard singing exercises which are mostly based around the major and minor scales. It’s the ultimate ear-to-voice co-ordination workout!

This compilation has the added feature of having the vocal cues panned to the left channel of your stereo. This means that you can learn the pattern first by listening to the vocal on the left, panning to the middle to hear both the vocal cue and the accompaniment and panning just to the right to hear the accompaniment when you’re ready to do each pattern on your own. The vocal range covered is deliberately generic – a 2 octave range from G to G which should suit most singers.

Sample Audio Clips

Track 13: Minor Pentatonic Scale

Track 36: Lydian Mode

Track 45: Minor 9th Chords

Track Listing

1. Introduction
2. Major Triads
3. Major 2nd Intervals
4. Ionian Mode/Major Scale
5. Sus 2 Triads
6. Minor 2nd Intervals
7. Minor Triads
8. Aeolian Mode/Natural Minor Scale
9. Major 3rd Intervals
10. Major Pentatonic Scale
11. Major 6th Chords
12. Minor 3rd Intervals
13. Minor Pentatonic Scale
14. Minor 6th Chords
15. Harmonic Minor Scale
16. Perfect 4th Intervals
17. Sus 4 Triads
18. Melodic Minor Scale
19. Diminished Triads
20 Tritone Intervals
21. Blues Scale
22. Augmented Triads
23. Perfect 5th Intervals
24. Chromatic Scale
25. Triads Compilation Exercise
26. Minor 6th Intervals
27. Dominant 7th Chords
28. Mixolydian Mode
29. Dominant 9th Chords
30. Dorian Mode
31. Minor 7th Chords
32. Major 6th Intervals
33. Augmented 7th Chords
34. Wholetone Scale
35. Minor 7th Intervals
36. Lydian Mode
37. Major 7th Chords
38. Major 7th Intervals
39. Major-based Chord Compilation Exercise
40. Major 9th Chords
41. Phrygian Mode
42. Minor/Major 7th Chords
43. Octaves Intervals
44. Minor-based Chord Compilation Exercise
45. Minor 9th Chords
46. Locrian Mode
47. Half-diminished Chords
48. Diminished Scale (Tone/Semitone)
49. Diminished 7th Chords
50. Intervals Compilation Exercise