“Funky ‘n Fun” Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I use “Funky ‘n Fun” instead of getting singing lessons?

Perhaps, but only if you’ve already had a substantial amount of vocal training and therefore know what you’re doing. If you’re in the process learning to sing, then “Funky ‘n Fun” should only be used as a supplement to quality lessons with a reputable coach.

How should I use “Funky ‘n Fun” in my practice regime?

Purchase any “Funky ‘n Fun” product and you will also receive a free copy of :

“Funky ‘n Fun” Guidance Notes

A 20 page ebook containing advice and instructions for each exercise from all 4 compilations, and an 8-level course outline developed by Kim as a logically structured, progressive way of working through the complete set of vocal exercises.

My main advice is definitely don’t do any of the compilations from beginning to end in one go! Once you’re accustomed to what is actually on the compilations, make sure you mix & match the types of exercises you practice on any given day in order to maintain a balanced program, and I suggest you only do at most around 4 to 6 exercises (once or twice only) in any given practice session. A varied vocal ‘diet’ will likely keep you balanced, motivated, focused, committed and will achieve the best results.

Don’t do anything that feels uncomfortable, particularly in the throat area. If this happens, it may be that the exercise starts too low or goes too high for you. If it starts too low, wait until the exercise comes in on a more suitable key or start the exercise an octave higher and drop down again when it’s in range. If it goes too high, drop an octave. Another possibility is that you might not be doing the exercise correctly. If this continues, seek advice from a reputable singing coach or book a lesson with me, either in person if you can come to London, or via Skype video from anywhere in the world.

I don’t get much time to practice so I like to do it in the car whilst I’m driving, is this a problem?

Well, it’s certainly not the ideal environment to practice in because:

• you’re trying to do two things at once, and both driving and singing require your full attention!
• the sitting position for driving isn’t conducive to good singing posture
• the acoustic inside a car isn’t ideal for singing either because of competing with engine and road noise
• Breathing exercises in particular MUST be avoided whilst driving in case you get a bit dizzy

I teach contemporary singers, so can I use “Funky ‘n Fun” in my lessons?

Of course! People use this product for their own practice but also for teaching singing. I personally have used and still use “Funky ‘n Fun” in my private lessons and institutional group teaching – it works equally well in either setting. I also know that many other institutions, singing schools, singing teachers and vocal coaches around the world routinely use “Funky ‘n Fun” in this way.

Is “Funky ‘n Fun” suitable for male and female ranges?

Yes, the vast majority of the exercises are demonstrated with the female voice (me) and a male voice an octave lower. Depending upon whether you have a high or low range for your gender, you can join either octave as feels comfortable for you.

I wish to improve my mix voice, can “Funky ‘n Fun” help with that?

Yes, since it is a commonly used voice quality in contemporary singing, particularly for female singers, I’m naturally using ‘mix’ voice (aka ‘mixed voice’, ‘blended voice’ etc) on several of the exercises, such as most of the “Licks” exercises on compilations 1 & 2 and many of the riffs on 4. However, track 6 on Funky ‘n Fun 2 specifically helps with developing the ‘twang’ sound that is an essential ‘ingredient’ of mix voice.

Unlike most vocal exercise products, you sing all the way through the exercises. Why?

The reason I decided to do this is that I wanted people to be able to hear how to approach the exercise all the way through the vocal range, how the passaggio (i.e. the change point between chest voice and head voice) is negotiated etc. However, on the two advanced compilations (3 and 4) – my vocal cue is optional. For example, on Funky ‘n Fun 3 my vocal cue is panned to the left so if you pan to the right my vocal cue disappears, and on Funky ‘n Fun 4 there is a whole separate compilation of only the backing tracks to sing along to. There is also a separately sold “backing tracks” version for Funky ‘n Fun 1 & 2 (with just the music tracks on their own without the vocal cue).

I’ve just purchased Funky ‘n Fun 3 – I love it, but why are the exercises so fast?

The reason I recorded the patterns at the speed I did is because you have to REALLY know the pattern to be able to sing it at this tempo. If you can only do it at a snail’s pace, the pattern is not ‘in your system’ yet. The idea is to practice each new pattern as slowly as you need to (away from the recorded exercise) in order to learn it yourself and then do it along with the recorded version in order to practice & consolidate it.

I can’t find Funky ‘n Fun on iTunes or other mp3 sites?

The Funky ‘n Fun mp3 downloads are only available for sale from this website. They are not available on iTunes or any other mp3 sites.

Where can I find the Funky ‘n Fun cover artwork so that it appears on my mp3 player?

If you purchased the mp3 downloads then the cover artwork files and inside cover notes are included in the download zip file.

If you purchased the physical CDs then you can download the CD cover artwork by right-clicking on the following links and selecting “Save target as …” :

[ FunkynFun1.jpg ]
[ FunkynFun2.jpg ]
[ FunkynFun3.jpg ]
[ FunkynFun4.jpg ]

To add the CD cover artwork to your iTunes library, save these jpg files to your local hard drive. Then within iTunes select all of the songs for the applicable album and choose “Get Info”(if you right-click over the track names a small pop-up menu will appear). Select “Yes” when asked whether you want to edit the info for multiple items. Within the track info window that appears, drag and drop the artwork jpg file into the artwork box. All done!

I’ve just purchased the mp3 downloads. How do I download my files?

You will be directed to a file download page immediately after the Paypal payment has been successfully completed. Follow the instructions to download the files.

Problems downloading?

If you’ve used up your 3 download attempts or otherwise have any problems with downloading or installing your mp3s, then Contact Us. Whatever the problem is, we’ll try our best to sort it out for you as quickly as we can!